Directed by Mark Dindal
 Produced by Tim Burton
 Screenplay by Tim Burton
 Costume Design by Jon Burton
 Music by Danny Elfman
 Casting by Jon Burton
 Starring: Mis Wasowskia, David Odgen Stiers, and Robin Williams


  • Beauty - Mia Wasowskia (The Main Protagonist)
  • The Beast - David Odgen Stiers and The Handsome Prince - Kevin MacDonald (The Duetergonist)
  • The Rich Merchant - Robin Williams (The Tritagonist)
  • Beauty's nasty sister (1st child) - Anne Hathaway
  • Beauty's selfish sister (2nd child) - Helena Bonham Carter
  • The Wicked Witch - Mentioned only
  • The Merchant's horse - Frank Welker (uncredited)
  • The Sleepnig Slurp - Frank Welker (imanginary)
  • The Sleeping Slurp (Climax Only) - Mark Dindal (The main antagonist)

Charecters' AppearencesEdit

  • Beauty: Small, slender, 8 years old, beautiful, dirty blonde hair with short pigtails, black eyes, fair skin, her teddy bear, blue jumper, white polo shirt, lavender stockings, white panties, brown Mary Jane shoes
  • The Beast: Very slender orange lion, ochre muzzle, goatee, toes, and underbelly, black mane and tip on his tail and elbows on his forearms, thick black eyebrows, black nose, claws, and lips, yellow eyes with green pupils, rose scar over his left eye, crimson eyelids, both lavender circles and ear innards, a pair of 5 whiskers, British accent
  • The Prince: Small, slender, blonde hair, green eyes, red shirt, brown shorts, brown hiking boots
  • The Merchant: Slender, elderly, careworn face, balding brown hair, hooked-nosed, black eyes, brown eyebrows, brief pot belly, gray drizabone riding jacket, dark gray bandanna facing backwards, cream long-sleeved shirt with 2 buttons vertically to his neckline and his sleeves rolled up to his elbows, brown vest, dark gray pants with brown suspenders attached to them, both brown boots and akubra hat with dark brown band around on its brim, white croc teeth on the front, and a gold feather (which the beautiful giant eagle Marahute once gave to Cody as a "thank-you" gift for her rescue) on it
  • The Sleeping Slurp: 12 feet tall black half-bear half-goat, glowing yellow eye and one dead red eye, large sharp teeth, giant claws, arrows sticking from his upper back, and brown hooves
  • The Horse: Stocky copper horse, both blonde mane and tail
  • The Sleeping Slurp (human form (in imagination)): Gigantic, muscular, long hair, pointy nose, half-naked, tattoos on his stomach and arms, fur skirt and cloak, black helm

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