Carmen title
Production company	Blue Sky Studios and 20th Century Fox Animation
Distributed by	20th Century Fox
written by William Shakespeare
Running time: 133 minutes

Carmen: A Cautionary Tale is a play written by William Shakespare.

Main CastEdit

  • Anne Hathaway as Carmen
  • Jesse Eisenberg as Shang
  • Rachel Crow as Anna
  • Pierce Gagnon as Elsa
  • Amandla Stenberg as Yum Yum
  • George Lopez as Reggie
  • as Joe
  • Bruno Mars as Nicodemus
  • Rita Moreno as Delores
  • Andy Garcia as Hans
  • Jamie Foxx as Tantor
  • Kristin Chenoweth as General Flash
  • Jemaine Clement as Jim
  • Phillip Lawrence as Vlad
  • Leslie Mann as Kala
  • Rodrigo Santoro as Morries
  • Tracy Morgan as Luiz

Wiggly TriviaEdit

The questions are asked by the Narrator:

  • Will the others ever defeat Jim?
  • What will Carmen do?
  • How will she defeat Jim?

Cast Video line-upEdit

  • Carmen
  • Shang
  • Jim
  • Vlad
  • Joe and Tantor
  • General Flash and Admiral Fairy Flight
  • Kala
  • Reggie
  • Empress Anna, Princess Yum Yum and Queen Elsa
  • Dolores and Morries Nooly
  • Cap. Smollett

Meet the CharactersEdit

This is a list of main characters:

  • Meet Carmen: She is smart
  • Meet Shang: He's visionary
  • Meet Tantor: He's Shy
  • Meet Joe: He's brainless
  • Meet Jim: He's ruthless and dangerous
  • Meet Vlad: He is mean
  • Meet Kala: She is a Mommy

Main CharactersEdit

  • Carmen - the main protagonist
  • Shang - the dueteragonist
  • Kala - the tritagonist
  • Reggie - the former main antagonist
  • Jim - the secondary (but true main) antagonist
  • Tantor and Joe - the teratagonists
  • Vlad - the tertiary antagonist


  • Carmen, the main protagonist of the film.
  • Shang, the deuteragonist.
  • Jim, one of the two main antagonists.
  • Reggie, one of the two main antagonists.
  • Joe Pudgemeyer, the secondary tritagonist, a rapping squid and one of Jim's former henchmen.
  • Peebo Pudgemeyer AKA Tantor, the tritagonist and one of Jim's former henchmen.
  • General Flash and Admril Fairy Flight, the funnytagonists
  • Kala, one of the three main tritagonists (Other two being Tantor & Joe)
  • Zazu, one of the main antagonists (alongside Jim & Reggie)
  • Princess Yum Yum and Queen Elsa, the supporting protagonists
  • Empress Anna, the secondary tritagonist
  • Vlad, the secondary antagonist of the film.
  • Sabor, the quarternary antagonist
  • Cap. Smollett, the tertiary antagonist. He is named the captian in the UK version.
  • Marmosets, the minor antagonists
  • Bumble, the (former) sixth antagonist
  • Kevin the Sea Cucumber, the (former) fifth antagonist


  • You Will Be in my Heart - Sung by Kala and Phil Collins
  • Your Heart Will Lead You Home - Sung by Kenny Loggins. During the montage of Zazu, Tantor, Joe, Anna, Yum Yum, Elsa, Shang, Kala and Carmen playing together
  • "I'll Get You What You Want (Cockatoo in Malibu)" is a song from the 2014 film Muppets Most Wanted. It's the movie version. It was performed by Jim. He sings it to Carmen what she wants and it is fully sung in the end credits.
  • "If Only (Quartet)" is a song from the Musical version of The Little Mermaid. The Song is sung by Carmen, Kala, Tantor and Reggie. That night Carmen learns from Kala that Sofia has arranged for a wedding that Kala swears sang to him on the beach. Carmen, singing from within, yearns that she could tell Kala everything. Kala, still haunted by the beautiful voice he heard the day he was rescued finds himself conflicted for his growing feelings for Carmen. Tantor meanwhile tries to cheer Ariel up, while also realizing that her time is almost up and Reggie, worried about Carmen, vows to change his evil ways if Carmen ever returns to him.
  • Daydreamin' (Scooby Doo Chase Song) - Sung by Austin Roberts while Jim chases Carmen, Shang, Kala, Tantor, Joe, Anna, Elsa, Yum-Yum and Sofia to capture Joe and Tantor. He chased the family through the tent, while surfing, going up on the basement, sending a paper airplane at the devious cockatoo and going on a hayride. During the hayride, he rides on a horse. At the end of the song, Tantor, Joe, Anna, Elsa, Kala, Yum-Yum and Sofia tumbled down a hill leaving Carmen and Shang behind.
  • Jim's Shanty is a song sung by Jim and his men after Jim asks his men to join him.
  • It's Great to be a Mammal is a silly song at the end credits. The tune is based on "It's Great to be an Engine".
  • "Top of the Woods" is a song sung by Boingo in Hoodwinked!. It is about him replacing the woods with his evil empire called JimSnax. At the end of the song, Boingo says to a tied-up and gagged Carmen, "You've been hoodwinked, baby!". Jim's team appear as background dancers during the big finish, and Reggie has only one singing role in which he whistles to the tune while setting up the film montage of Jim's plans.


  • After Reggie bounces out of the book, he says "I almost Bounced clearly Out of the Book."
  • The Gang is dreased up as fairy tale creatures in the start of the battle. They left their clothes off. Carmen is wearing Linny's Wizard costume from Save the Unicorn. Shang is wearing Tuck's knight costume from Save the Unicorn. Kala is wearing Ming Ming's fairy costume from Save the Unicorn. Sofia is wearing Fluttershy's first fashion show dress from Green Isn't your Color. Tantor is wearing Hans' coronation outfit from Frozen. Joe is wearing the Duke's clothes from Frozen.
  • These are family's costumes for Carnival. Pinkie's dress from Over A Barrel is Carmen's carnival dress. Mushu's robe form Mulan 2 is Shang's carnival suit. Ratigan's supreme ruler costume from The Great Mouse Detective is Tantor's carnival suit. Squidward's costume from Pest of the West is Joe's costume. Kala's dress is Rainbow Dash's fall formal costume from Equestria Girls.
  • While Sleeping in their beds, Elsa started making monkey sounds, which the monkeys from Jim's houseboat replied to. Tantor and Joe got inspired, and started beat-boxing and singing. The whole family joined, making sounds that the beach called back to.
  • In the party at the end, Tantor is controlling the sound, Joe is on lights, and Reggie is providing fireworks.


Opening CreditsEdit

Extras during the End CreditsEdit

  • A dance number featuring Anna, Yum Yum, Elsa and Carmen is shown during the beginning of the credits of Carmen: The Movie. They show a cave paint of the Characters and objects during the rest of the credits.
  • Songs During the credits: "I'll Get You What You Want (Cockatoo in Malibu)" by Jim, Mini-Sloth sing-a-long from Ice Age: The Meltdown



The Characters in the Play are in order of appearance. The main characters are in no background. I'll List the Cast and see what book, TV show and movie they came from:



The Thinga-ma-jigger is the Contraption invented by Kala. These are the parts for the machine:


Villians' defeatsEdit

  • Jim: Gets hit by crates during "Sapo Cai". At the very end, he is last seen being buried by Crates and said that he've been killing dragons
  • Vlad: Defeated when Carmen and the gang (in their fairy tale creature disguises) whistled before "Sapo Cai"
  • Kevin: Defeated when the Jelly Spotters got his crown and put it on Carmen before "I'll Get You What You Want (Cockatoo in Malibu)"
  • Sabor: killed by Carmen
  • Reggie: Almost gets out of the book and gets arrested. then he reforms and becomes a protagonist
  • Bumble: Reforms after Jim's death
  • Captain Smollett: Killed by Jim
  • Zazu: Flees off after Nigel and his family appeared
  • Jim's henchmen: Flee off after Kala says, "STOP!!!!!" during "Sapo Cai"
  • Magic Mirror: Once again says that Carmen is the fairest of them all after Shang's introduction

UK Cast Edit

  • Michael Angelis as the narrator
  • Teresa Gallagher as Carmen, Kala, General Flash, Admril Fairly Flight, Mrs. Nooly, Queen Elsa, Princess Yum Yum, Empress Anna and Sofia
  • Ben Small as Shang, Gamma and Lemur
  • Keith Wickham as Tantor, Kipo, Luiz, Reggie, Proffesor Hans, Captian, Nigel, Mr. Nooly, Beta and Zazu
  • Matt Wilkinson as Joe, Jim, Vlad, Steve, Nicodemus, Hand, Police Officer and Alpha
  • Jonathan Broadbent as Thing 1, Thing 2 and Kevin
  • Amar'e Stoudemire as Basketball Teacher

USA Cast Edit

in end credits Edit

  • Jeff Bennett - Lemur
  • Jodi Benson - Admiral Fairy Flight
  • Steve Carell - Zazu
  • Kristin Chenoweth - General Flash
  • John Cleese - Narrator
  • Jemaine Clement - Jim
  • Rachel Crow - Empress Anna
  • Jim Cummings - Kevin
  • Jesse Einsenberg - Shang
  • Jamie Foxx - Tantor
  • Pierce Gagnon - Queen Elsa
  • Andy Garcia - Professor Hans
  • Jeff Garcia - Kipo
  • John Goodman - Cap. Smollett
  • Neil Patrick Harris - Steve
  • Anne Hathaway - Carmen
  • George Hearn - Nigel
  • Richard Kind - Hand
  • Phillip Lawrence - Vlad
  • George Lopez - Reggie
  • Leslie Mann - Kala
  • Bruno Mars - Nicodemus
  • Rita Moreno - Mrs. Nooly
  • Tracy Morgan - Luiz
  • Carlos Poncè - Thing 1
  • Rodrigo Santoro - Mr. Nooly
  • Amandala Stenberg - Princess Yum Yum
  • David Odgen Stiers - Police Officer
  • Amar'e Stoudemire - Basketball Teacher
  • Wanda Sykes - Sofia
  • Davi Vieira - Thing 2
  • Frank Welker - Alpha, Gamma and Beta
  • - Joe

in the beginning of the credits Edit

The Cast is in both in the Beginning of the credits and the Starring Part of Wikipedia:

  • Anne Hathaway as Carmen
  • Jesse Einsenberg as Shang
  • as Joe
  • Jamie Foxx as Tantor
  • George Lopez as Reggie
  • Tracy Morgan as Luiz
  • Jemaine Clement as Jim
  • Rodrigo Santoro as Mr. Nooly
  • Leslie Mann as Kala
  • Rita Moreno as Mrs. Nooly
  • Wanda Sykes as Sofia
  • Davi Vieira as Thing 2
  • Carlos Poncè as Thing 1

in opening credits Edit

The Actors will voice main characters of the Movie. I'll list the Actors are see what star each actor plays:

  • Anne Hathaway (the role of Carmen)
  • Jesse Einsenberg (the role of Shang)
  • Jemaine Clement (the role of Jim)
  • Leslie Mann (the role of Kala)
  • Tracy Morgan (the role of Luiz)
  • (the role of Joe)
  • Rodrigo Santoro (the role of Mr. Nooly)
  • George Lopez (the role of Reggie)
  • and Jamie Foxx (the role of Tantor)