The cast is in order of appearance in this movie:

  • Sir Topham Hatt (Golden Books) as Narrator
  • Snow White (Disney) as Carmen
  • Apple Bloom as Lil' Pony
  • Sweetie Belle as Horsey
  • Scootaloo as Gnatty
  • Witch as Witch
  • Jeremy as Jeremy
  • Alice (Natalie Gregory) as Jenny
  • King Derwin as King
  • Sir Snipps (w/ the Guard as an extra) as the King's grand vizer
  • Frog (Will Ryan) as Timon
  • Toad (Hal Smith) as Tito
  • Nigel (Rio) as Toby
  • Applejack (in cortonation dress) as Samantha (in the end credits: Sam)
  • Squiggley and Squirmy as Bia and Tiago (siblings of Jenny)
  • Reuben as Fergus
  • Queen Alice as Jenny as Queen Jennifer
  • The CMC in their play costumes as Lil' Pony, Horsey and Gnatty as Queen Jennifer's servants
  • Reuben (while wearing his turban, vest and belt from Wishy-Washy) as Fergus dressed as Toby's servant


  • Tito's Dream: One night, while Tito is asleep in bed, he has a dream in which he is on stage and wearing a costume. A voice from an unseen character presents Tito as the Greatest Toad in all the world while Tito's only audience is Timon, Bia, Jenny, Tiago, Lil' Pony, Gnatty, Hosrey, Samantha, Carmen, Jeremy, the King and his advisor. Tito does every act great (playing the piano, walking on a high wire, and dancing) and while he does these things and asks Timon if he can do them, his friends shrink in size and admits Timon can't do them. Eventually, the dream becomes a nightmare when Tito's dancing act has made his friends shrink too small to be seen or heard. Worried for his friends, Tito prevents the voice from announcing his next act and tries calling out for his friends, only for the dream to end with him spinning in the dark. Tito wakes up from his dream to notice that his friends are in their sleeping spots.

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