Carmen theatrical poster (remake)

Theatrical Release Poster


Video Game animationsEdit

Some of the characters are in CGI:

Voice CastEdit

  • Carmen: Voiced by Brittany Murphy
  • Toby: Voiced by Elijah Wood
  • Bill and Murdoch: Voiced by the late Robin Williams
  • Peek: Voiced by Jamie Foxx
  • Cecil: Voiced by
  • King: Portrayed by Hugh Jackman
  • Carla: Portrayed by Rachel Crow
  • Zoe and Louise: Voiced by P!nk
  • George: Voiced by Jeff Bennett
  • Olaf: Voiced by Josh Gad
  • Queen: Portrayed by Nicole Kidman
  • Jafar: Portrayed by Jonathan Freeman
  • Bug: Voiced by Hank Azaria
  • Elizabeth: Voiced by Kristin Bell

Villains' defeatsEdit

  • Jafar: gets stuck in a basket and arrested
  • Bug: Falls into a rock and screams, "EEEE!"

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