Live ActionEdit

  • Dakota Fanning as Sally (The Cat in the Hat (2003)) as Carmen Walden, Joan's dull, well-behaved, and rule-obeying daughter and the main protagonist.
  • Spencer Breslin as Conrad (The Cat in the Hat (2003)) as Conrad Walden, Joan's destructive and misbehaved son and Carmen's husband. He's the tritagonist
  • Mike Myers as the Cat in the Hat (The Cat in the Hat (2003)) as Phil, a giant, anthropomorphic, wise-cracking cat with a Brooklyn accent and the duetergonist.
  • Alec Baldwin as Lawrence "Larry" Quinn (The Cat in the Hat (2003)) as Larry Quinn, the Waldens' pompous, lazy, unemployed next-door neighbor. He is allergic to cats, and is determined to both marry Joan for her wealth and send Conrad to military school to straighten up his behavior.
  • Kelly Preston as Joan Walden (The Cat in the Hat (2003)) as Joan Walden, Carmen's mother, and a real-estate agent.
  • Amy Hill as Mrs. Kwan, an elderly Asian woman with a thick Japanese accent that gets hired to watch the kids, though she sleeps through her job. Her weight and sleep serves as a running gag.
  • Sean Hayes as Mr. Humberfloob, Joan's employer. He is also the voice of the family Fish.
  • Jim Cummings as Thing One (The Cat in the Hat (2003)) as Thing 1 and Matt Lucas as Thing Two (The Cat in the Hat (2003)) as Thing 2; two gibbering trouble-making creatures that Phil brings in with him. Robin Williams provided the voices for both Things.
  • Bugsy as Nevins, the Waldens' pet dog. Frank Welker provided his voice.


  • Jim Carrey as Horton (Horton Hears a Who; 2008) as Horton (voice) - a kindhearted, sweet, friendly, and stalwart elephant. Horton has no tusks, lives by himself and possesses acute hearing abilities.
  • Steve Carell as Mayor Ned McDodd (Horton Hears a Who; 2008) as Mayor (voice), the mayor of Anville.
  • Isla Fisher as Doctor Mary Lou LaRue (Horton Hears a Who; 2008) as Doctor Mary Lou LaRue (voice), a teacher at Anville U.
  • Niecy Nash as Miss Yelp, Mayor's Secretary.

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