List of Gang of Goodfairers from Yogi Bear & The Sandlot 2.


              Dan Aykroyd ------------------------------- Yogi Bear
              Max Lloyd Jones --------------------------- David

cabin boysEdit

              Victor Yerrid ----------------------------- Snagglepuss
              James Arnold Taylor ----------------------- Huckleberry Hound
              John Mariano ------------------------------ Wally Gator
              Richard Epcar ----------------------------- Magilla Gorilla
              Maurice LaMarche -------------------------- Quick Draw McGraw/Atom Ant

First matesEdit

              Jason Harris ------------------------------ Top Cat/Mac/Saul
              Julie Bennett ----------------------------- Cindy Bear
              Justin Timberlake ------------------------- Boo Boo Bear


              Jim Cummings ------------------------------ Augie Doggie
              James Willson ----------------------------- Johnnie Smalls
              John Stephenson --------------------------- Doggie Daddy
             James Earl Jones -------------------------- Mertle/Baba Looey

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