Films Edit

Television Series Edit

  • The Penguins of Madagascar

Characters Edit

Main charactersEdit

  • Alex: (voiced by Ben Stiller) TBA
  • Marty: (voiced by Chris Rock) TBA
  • Melman: (voiced by David Schwimmer) TBA
  • Gloria: (voiced by Jada Pinkett Smith) TBA


  • Skipper: (voiced by Tom McGrath) TBA
  • Kowalski: (voiced by ) TBA
  • Private: (voiced by Christopher Knights and James Patrick Stuart) TBA
  • Rico: (voiced by ) TBA


  • Mason: (voiced by Conrad Vernon) TBA
  • Phil: TBA


  • King Julien: (voiced by Sacha Baron Cohen and Danny Jacobs) TBA
  • Maurice: (voiced by Cedric the Entertainer and Kevin Michael Richardson) TBA
  • Mort: (voiced by Andy Richter) TBA

Circus Zaragoza AnimalsEdit

  • Stefano: (voiced by Martin Short) TBA
  • Gia: (voiced by Jessica Chastain) TBA
  • Vitaly: (voiced by Bryan Cranston) TBA
  • Bold text: (voiced by ) TBA
  • Bold text: (voiced by ) TBA
  • Bold text: (voiced by ) TBA

Locations Edit


  • New York
    • Centre Park Zoo


  • African Plains
  • Madagascar

Gallery Edit

Character GalleryEdit

Location GalleryEdit

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