a Tim Burton film


            Abby Cadabby - Kylee
            Elmo - Carter
            Oscar - Grandma
            Farmer Grover - Dad 
            Three Little Pigs - Jacob, Gibson & Mom
            Sheep - Grandpa
            Mrs. Cow - Aunt Linda
            Cookie Monster - Grandpa


  1. Opening/"Farmer Grover had a farm"
  2. "The Farmer in the Dell"
  3. "Three Little Pigs"
  4. Meet the Sheep/"Little Bo Peep"
  5. "Hey Diddle Diddle"
  6. "Little Boy Blue"
  7. Abby & Farmer Grover
  8. The Harvest/End Credits


Scene 1: TownEdit

  • Farmer Grover had a Farm - Oscar, Abby & Elmo

Scene 2: FarmEdit

  • The Farmer in the Dell - Farmer Grover
  • The three Little Pigs - Abby & Elmo

Scene 3: BarnEdit

  • Little Bo Peep - Abby, Elmo & Farmer Grover
  • Hey Diddle Diddle - Abby & Farmer Grover

Scene 4: Corn FieldsEdit

  • Little Boy Blue - Abby, Elmo & Farmer Grover

Scene 5: Celebrating the HarvestEdit

  • The Harvest Dance (tune of Kingdom Dance from Tangled)

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