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The Adventures of Elmo, known as Elmo to the Rescue in American retitles is a 2016 movie.


  • Directed by Gary Halvorson
  • Produced by Bruce Anderson
  • Screenplay by Sam Harper
  • Story by Earl Richey Jones
  • Starring Jesse Eisenberg, Jemaine Clement and Vanessa L. Williams
  • Music by John Powell


  • Elmo - the main protagonist
  • Blanket - the dueteragonist
  • Elmo's friends - the tritagonists
  • Bug - the secondary antagoinst-turned-true main tritagonist
  • Scrooge and Helga - the main antagonists
  • Pesties - the quartanary antagonists
  • Phantom - the tertiary antagonist


A mean old man will take over the city of London. A small mouse will get his blanket back from him. On the quest, he meets a blue bird, a boy, a shark, 3 trains, a tiger, a monkey, a koala, a fish and a couple of mice.


Sing along videoEdit




The cast are in an order of the movie:



UK, USA and AUS Voice Cast (in order of appearance) Edit

  • Ernie - Johnny Depp
  • Bert - Bruno Mars
  • Elmo - Jesse Einsenberg
  • Terrence - Rob Paulsen
  • Bertie / Bernard - Peter Dinklage
  • Carla - Rachel Crow
  • Helga - Angelica Huston
  • Mayor - William H. Macy
  • Police Officer - David Odgen Stiters
  • Duck - Will Arnett
  • Lewis - Pierce Gagnon
  • Train #1 - George Lopez
  • Train #2 - Tracy Morgan
  • Train #3 - Jason Lee
  • Hoho - Jason Alexander
  • Victor - Jesse McCartney
  • Laverne - Andrea Libman
  • The Mooseseasel - Frank Welker
  • Shark - Jeff Bennett
  • Grandma - Rita Moreno
  • Grandpa - Andy Garcia
  • Bianca - Amanda Bynes
  • Scrooge - Jemaine Clement
  • Bug - Danny DeVito
  • Moto Moto -
  • Ticket Seller - Kerry Shaw
  • Conductor - Alec Baldwin
  • Horse - Jeff Bennett
  • Gentleman in Paper Suit - Jason Lee
  • Goat - Keith Wickman
  • Owl - Patrick Warburton
  • Queen - Vanessa Williams

Characters in siteEdit

  • Elmo (voiced by Jesse Einsenberg)
  • Lewis (voiced by Pierce Gagnon)
  • Carla (voiced by Rachel Crow)
  • Fish (voiced by office water cooler)
  • Hoho (voiced by Jason Alexander)
  • Victor (voiced by Jesse McCartney)
  • Terrence and Bertie (voiced by Rob Paulsen and Peter Dinklage)
  • Bernard and Bianca (voiced by Peter Dinklange and Amanda Bynes)
  • Laverne (voiced by Andrea Libman)
  • Scrooge (voiced by Jemaine Celement)
  • Bug (voiced by Danny DeVito)

Sock QuartetEdit

The Sock Quarter appear from The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland. This group of socks from Carla's laundry perform acapella backing for "Together Forever."


At the beginning of the Credits, there is the main cast of the film and there are flashbacks:

  • Jesse Einsenberg as Elmo
  • Pierce Gagnon as Lewis
  • Rob Paulsen as Terrence
  • Peter Dinklage as Bernard and Bertie
  • Amanda Bynes as Bianca
  • Jemaine Clement as Scrooge
  • Angelica Huston as Helga
  • Danny DeVito as Bug

Villians' defeatsEdit

  • Scrooge and Bug: run out of cannonballs and arrested by the Mayor
  • Mooseseasel: reforms and introduces himself as "BoCo"
  • Pesties: Flee off before the Cannonballs scene and after Blanket yells his only line, "YOPP!!!!!" saving Elmo and his friends
  • Bulgy: Stuck under the bridge
  • Owl: throws Elmo and his new friends off the tree while thinking that they are not worms During the "No! YES!" scene, Scrooge looks out his window and says that the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and the Owl is defeated


  • Together Forever - cast
  • As mayor of the City - Mayor
  • Take the First Step - Stuckweed
  • Forever - Phantom
  • Make it Mine - Scrooge 
  • I See a Kingdom - Queen
  • I'm Alive - Celine Dion - End Credits Song and Movie's theme song


  1. Here's Elmo
  2. Opening Credits
  3. Bertie and Terrence
  4. "Together Forever (Elmo and Blanket)"
  5. "Together Forever (Laundromat)"
  6. Carla and Helga
  7. Carla and Elmo fight with Blanket
  8. "As mayor of the City"
  9. Scrooge escapes
  10. Mt. Pickanose / "Take Your First Step"
  11. Duck, Lewis and the Train Trio
  12. Hoho, Vicor and Laverne
  13. Phantom
  14. The Mooseasel
  15. The Storm
  16. The Deal of Scrooge and Lewis
  17. Bulgy
  18. Moto Moto's Ghost
  19. "Mine"
  20. The Fish
  21. Wrong Road
  22. The Dark
  23. King Scrooge
  24. Secret Weapon
  25. Construction Zone
  26. Queen
  27. The Battle
  28. Best Friends / "Together Forever (Finale)"
  29. End Credits

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