The Cat (2012) is a spoof for "The Lorax (2012)" and DVD


Top Cat as the Lorax
Hercules as Ted 
Megara as Audrey 
Phoebus as The Once-ler 
Hades as Horatio Thelonious Ignacious Crustaceous O'Hare
Flora (w/ extras as Fauna and Merryweather) as Granny Norma 
Aroura as Ted's Mom 
Cruella de Vil as the Once-Ler's Mother 
Jafar as the Once-Ler's Father 
Queen Narissa as the Once-Ler's Aunt 
Gaston and LeFou as the Once-Ler's Brothers
Pain and Panic as O'Hare's Bodyguards 
Pumbaa as Melvin 
Bar-ba-lots as Themselves 
Pipsqueak as himself
Humming-fish as themselves 
Swomee-swans as themselves 
Various Humans as Thneed-Ville Citizens

Villains' DefeatsEdit

  • Hades: Buried by Hercules into the River Styx for eternity, but cannot die.
  • Phoebus' Family: leaved the factory

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