The Great Race is a 1965 movie starring Tony Curtis; Natalie Wood and Jack Lemmon. Peter Falk stars as a comic Relief Sidekick.


The Great Leslie always dressed in white is a hero who always wins. His sidekick is a woman reporter Maggie Dubois. Leslie's rival is Professor Fate always dressed in black is a villain who always loses. His sidekick is Max.

At the turn of the century a round the world race from New York City to Paris the two rivals are the last two competierss. After a series of adventures the two rivals are in Paris for the finishing line. Leslie and Maggie have a argument about men and women and Leslie stops his car just to prove that he loves her more than winning the race. Fate crosses the finish line but forfeits the win when he found out that Leslie had delibertlyly stopped-he furiously complains that because Leslie let him win the race honestly, his reputaionn for winning by trickery and cheating is ruined-and demands a rematch-Paris to New York City.

In the last scene, Leslie and Maggie are married and drive off to begin the race. Professor Fate and Max are under the Eifel Tower; Fate orders Max to fire a cannon at Leslie. Max fires the cannon...and brings down the Eifel Tower on himself and Fate!


Tony Curtis...The Great Leslie

Natalie Wood..Maggie Dubois

Keenan Wynn....Hezikieh Sturdy {Leslie Mechanic}

Jack Lemmon....Professor Fate

Max...................Peter Falk


As a sidekick Max is just as incompent as his master....ordered to sabatoge the other cars, he does that...including Professor Fate's Car!

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