A new book
UK Titled: "The Elves and the Shoemaker"


Peter Schumaker worked hard and is kind. He is making shoes. On a snowy day, he left 1 peice of leather. He could sew them in the morning. The sun rose. Peter is ready to start work, but to his surprise, the peice of leather had gone. In it's place was a perfect pair of shoes. "What magic!" said Cecillia, his wife. "What a good surprise and the shoes are great!" she cheered. They put the shoes to the shop. The shopping season begun. The Shoes fitted fitted a customer. Peter got more leather. He one again setted them to work. "I wonder who made those shoes," Peter said happily to Cellia. He left the peices on the table. He is sent to bed, feeling happy.

The next morning, Peter woke up. He saw 2 more pairs of shoes again, feeling very happy. "Come Quickly, my dear," he said to Cecillia. "How cute," said Cecillia. "Today, we had money to buy food and leather," Peter said to his wife. Quickly, a four legged lady bought them. She putted them on and handed the shoemaker another bag of coins. Once again, Peter ran to get more leather. No one thanked Peter who made lots and lots and lots of shoes and Schumaker's name became well-known for the finest and very finest shoes in town.

Peter and Cecillia are busy. They sold lots of shoes for each man. Peter is now a rich man who worried about money. Cecillia says, "I wonder who's helping us." Peter snnounced: "Tonight, we'll hide in the workshop." Peter and Cecillia hid behind a big bench. 2 tiny elves tiptoed in the workshop. They sat on Peter and Cecillia's hiding spot and began making shoes. "Look how hard they're working," said Cecillia. They ran away as quick as lightning. Peter and Cecillia were happy to these elves. Peter made the elves little shoes, wearing glasses now. Cecillia made them coats and hats. The clock starts to chime. On christmas eve, Peter and Cecillia putted them on the bench and his themselves behind the bench again. At midnight, the elves creeped inside and saw the new clothes on Peter and Cecillia's bench.

In a Flash, they putted them on. They were so happy. They sang, and laughed, and chuckled, and danced right out the window and disappeared in the north pole portal. The Elves never returned to the shop. Peter continued making and selling shoes. He and Cecillia had work to do and they lived happily ever after.

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