Presented by Walt Disney Pictures 
 Directed by David Gumpel
 Produced by Will Ryan
 Based on the Book by Tish Rabe
 Screenplay by David Mickey Evans Music by Joe Caroll

 The Song of the Zubble-Wump is a 2014 film. 


  • Anne Hathaway as Megan, the main protagonist
  • Hank Arazia as Horton, the duetergonist
  • Patrick Warburton as Grandpa, the tritagonist
  • David Odgen Stiers as the Cat, the narrator-turned-supporting protagonist
  • Rob Riggle as Thidwick, the bully of Megan and Horton and the (fomal) secondary antagonist
  • Brad Garrett as the Giant, the fourth antagonist
  • Russi Tayor as Grandma, the secondary tritagonist
  • Andy Dick as Grinch, the main antagonist
  • Wayne Newton as Zubble Wump, one of the main protaognists
  • Cheech Marian, Chong, and Phil LaMarr as the Outlookers, the tertiary antagonists who are first seen teasing Horton.

Cast in opening titlesEdit

  • Anne Hathaway - Megan
  • Hank Azraia - Horton
  • Patrick Warburton - Grandpa
  • David Odgen Stiers - the Cat in the Hat
  • Andy Dick - the Grinch
  • Rob Riggle - Thidwick the Big Hearted Moose
  • Cheech and Chong - The 2 Outlookers
  • and Wayne Newton - Zubble Wump's whistles

Charecters' InspirationsEdit

  • Megan - Mulan (they are both main characters)
  • Horton - Boris from Balto (they are both smart), Puffin from the Swan Princess (they are both friends of a heroine)
  • Grinch - Hamsterviel from the Lilo and Stitch Saga (They are both evil)
  • Outlookers - The 4 Vultures and Lucky from The Jungle Book (they both trick an antagonist)
  • Grandpa - Eeyore from Disney's Winnie the Pooh (They are both grumpy)
  • Thidwick - Cheshire Cat from Disney's Alice in Wonderland (they are both clever)
  • The Cat - Alan-a-Dale from Disney's Robin Hood (they are both narrators who introduce themselves in the beggining)

Villians' DefeatsEdit

  • Grinch (fate): Gets strangled by his grinchiness and then trips on the Zubble Wump's cage.
  • Grinch (defeat): Steps on a cage and then falls out of his cave after Megan Escapes (later watches the Zubble-Wump fly away)
  • Thidwick: Looks for Yaks and gets Reformed by Grandpa
  • Outlookers: Horton makes a promise to defeat them and reform to watch the Zubble Wump Fly

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