In this final chapter, Odette and Derek are expecting a child, and a vile elf, Felonias, who wants revenge after King William and his queen refused to give away his kingdom to him after expecting Odette to be born, and revenge on Derek's queen and father for refusing to do so as well. But when he is finally happy, that he tricked Odette and Derek to sign his contract, he gains control of Odette's father's kingdom, as he is now the new master of the Forbidden Arts. And now Odette and Derek must find a way how to end the Forbidden Arts.




  • Odette (Elle Deets)
  • Derek (Yuri Lowenthal)
  • Queen Uberta (Sandy Duncan) - Derek's mother
  • Jean-Bob (Clayton James Mackay)
  • Speed (Doug Stone)
  • Puffin (Gardner Jaas)
  • Whizzer (Charlie Adler)
  • King Williams (Dakin Matthews) - Odette's late father
  • Lord Rogers (Mark Harelik)
  • Bromley (Joey Lotsko)
  • Chamberlain (James Arrington)
  • Bridget (Catherine Lavine)
  • Queen Geneva (Barbarah Goodson) - Odette's late mother, after she passed after Odette's birth
  • King Jerimiah (Leonard Nimoy) - Derek's late father, after he passed away
  • Felonias (Walt Dohrn) - the main antagonist, before Odette's birth, he attempted a deal with King Williams, that if Queen Geneva is having water broke, he would bring Odette to life if he gave up the entire kingdom to him, but after Odette's birth, Williams ripped the contract, years later, he was thrilled that Williams had died to Rothbart, and tricks Odette and Derek into giving away Williams' kingdom to him, which he succeeds
  • Odile (Cherlize Theron) - the secondary antagonist and Rothbart's daughter, she is the Anti-Odette, she is turned into a Black Swan


  • It's a Brand new start - Odette and Derek
  • Oh Boy, Oh Boy - Jean Bob, and Lord Rogers
  • Advance, Take the Chance, and make it emense - Odile, and Felonias
  • New Child - Derek and Odette

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