The Thief and the Cobbler is a film starring The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss characters as "The Thief and the Cobbler" characters.

Movies used:

  • Arabian Knight (1995, Miramax)

An Allied Filmmakers Production


Character Players
Zigzag the Grand Vizier The Grinch
Tack the Cobbler/Narrator Fox in Socks
Princess Yum-Yum Morton the Elephant Bird
The Thief Mr. Knox
King Nod Horton the Elephant
Princess Yum-Yum's Nanny Jane Kangaroo
Chief Roofless The Cat in the Hat
Mighty One-Eye Terrence McBird
Phido the Vulture Yertle the Turtle
Mad and Holy Old Witch Witch (The Thief and the Cobbler; original version)

Voice CastEdit

After "An Allied Filmmakers Production"Edit

The first cast shows stars of the film including:

  • Anthony Asbury as Zig Zag
  • Bruce Lanoil as Tack the Cobbler
  • Kathryn Mullen as Princess Yum Yum
  • Anthony Asbury as Phido
  • Stephanie D'Abruzzo as the Nurse and the Witch
  • and John Kennedey as the Thief

After "Supervising Sound Editor - Mike Le Marc, MPSE"Edit

  • Zigzag the Grand Vizer - Anthony Asbury
  • Tack the Cobbler - Bruce Lanoil
  • Princess Yum Yum - Kathryn Mullen
  • Phido - Anthony Asbury
  • Nurse and Witch - Stephanie D'Abruzzo
  • The Thief - John Kennedey
  • King Nod - John Kennedey
  • Mighty One-Eye - Anthony Asbury
  • Chief Roofless - Bruce Lanoil

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