Basil of Baker Street is ppresented by Warner Bros. It is the film based on The Great Mouse Detective.

Johnny Depp in Basil of Baker Street
Directed by Tim Burton
Produced by Richard D. Zanuck

Joe Roth Suzanne ToddJennifer Todd Don Bluth

Screenplay by Linda Woolverton
Music by Danny Elfman


Main castEdit

Micheal Sheen as Basil of Baker Street / Bartholomew
Johnny Depp as Ratigan
Val Bettin as David Q. Dawson
Neve Campbell as Olivia Flaversham
Dom DeLuise as Fidget
Paul Lynde as Toby
Paul Whitehouse as Hiram Flaversham
Frank Welker as Felicia
Bonnie Hunt as Mrs. Judson
Eve Brenner as Queen Mousetoria


Walker Edmiston ...  Citizen / Thug Guard (voice) 
Wayne Allwine ...  Thug Guard (voice) 
Tony Anselmo ...  Thug Guard (voice)

in the overture of Tim Burton's Alice in WonderlandEdit

W-B presents... Johnny Depp in "BASIL of BAKER STREET" Paul whtehouse, Dom DeLuise, Val Bettin, Neve Campbell & Micheal Sheen. More Voices of: Paul Lynde, Frank Welker, Bonnie Hunt & Wayne Allwine

ending castEdit

Johnny Depp ...  Professor Ratigan (voice) 
Micheal Sheen ...  Basil of Baker Street / Bartholomew (voice) 
Val Bettin ...  Dr. David Q. Dawson / Thug Guard (voice) 
Neve Campbell ...  Olivia Flaversham (voice) 
Dom DeLuise ...  Fidget (voice) 
Bonnie Hunt ...  Mrs. Judson (voice) 
Eve Brenner ...  The Mouse Queen (voice) 
and... Paul Whitehouse ... Flaversham (voice)

and featuringEdit

Basil Rathbone ...  Sherlock Holmes (voice) (archive sound) 
Laurie Main ...  Dr. Watson (voice) (archive sound) 
Shani Wallis ...  Lady Mouse (voice) 
Walker Edmiston ...  Citizen / Thug Guard (voice) 
Wayne Allwine ...  Thug Guard (voice) 
Tony Anselmo ...  Thug Guard (voice)


          List of Tim Burton's Basil of Baker Street

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