Carmen is the Universal Film. It is directed by Steven Speilberg.


Universal studios attractionsEdit

Steve's EscapeEdit

Carmen: The Dark RideEdit

Villains' defeatsEdit

  • Huxley: Pulls the "Don't pull" rope to kill Phillip and accidentally gets trapped in a lock box
  • Huxley (in "Steve's Great Escape"): Shot by the viewers and at before the viewers get off, gets in a cage.
  • Huxley (in the dark ride): With Bug, thrown to jail.
  • Bug: Flees off after seeing his boss in the box
  • Bug (in "Steve's Great Escape"): Frozen to death by The viewers
  • Bug (in the dark ride): Thrown away by Charlie with his boss
  • Monster: Defeated by Charlie who blew his whistle and the bridge collapses.