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Cast in endEdit

               Dan Aykroyd ------------------------------- Yogi Bear
               Julie Bennett ----------------------------- Cindy Bear
               Justin Timberlake ------------------------- Boo Boo Bear
               Victor Yerrid ----------------------------- Snagglepuss
               James Arnold Taylor ----------------------- Huckleberry Hound
               Maurice LaMarche -------------------------- Quick Draw McGraw/Atom Ant
               Patric Zimmerman -------------------------- Augie Doggie
               John Stephenson --------------------------- Doggie Daddy
               John Mariano ------------------------------ Wally Gator
               Richard Epcar ----------------------------- Magilla Gorilla
               Jason Harris ------------------------------ Top Cat
               Chris Edgerly ----------------------------- Peter Potomus
               Bill Farmer ------------------------------- Squiddly Diddly
               Tom Jones --------------------------------- Theme Song Guy
               John Fielder ------------------------------ Old Man
               Joe Whyte --------------------------------- Mr. Official
               Patti Deutsch ----------------------------- Waitress
               Frank Welker ------------------------------ Muttley
               Jim Cummings ------------------------------ Dic Dastardly
               Eartha Kitt ------------------------------- Yzma
               Patrick Warburton ------------------------- Kronk
               Wendy Malick ------------------------------ Chicha
               Kellyann Kelso ---------------------------- Chacha
               Eli Russell Linnetz ----------------------- Tipo
               John Goodman ------------------------------ Pacha
               David Spade ------------------------------- Kuzco and Kuzco Llama
               David Thewlis ----------------------------- Lorenzo
               Edwin Ballhoote --------------------------- Guard
               Tom Kenny --------------------------------- Rafe
               Michael Gough ----------------------------- Kappa


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